Remedial Massage Technique

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage therapy includes deep tissue, sports massage,relaxing massage for stress releasecupping therapy and rehabilitation after injuries.And many massage technique and modality.Remedial massage technique can apply  on clients many benefits. We are at Rockingham Applecross.

Remedial massage is practiced around Australia by qualified health and allied health professionals, and natural therapists who hold recognized qualifications in massage. A cost-for-service analysis usually shows that Remedial Massage Therapists provide a lower cost option for similar massage care compared to that administered by other health providers, such as physiotherapists. Recurrent health expenditure is often a factor of managing chronic health problems such as arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions.

Remedial massage treatment plays an important part in managing these conditions. massage therapy also provides much-needed relief from pain and suffering for the post-operative, chronically ill, palliative care patients, and those patients in transition care programs for the aged. Remedial massage is now an integral part of Australia’s health care system as patients continue to seek access and choice of the best health care options available through the private and public health system study looking into the effects of moderate pressure massage therapy into rheumatoid arthritis in upper limbs found that moderate pressure vs. the light pressure.

The remedial massage therapy group had less pain and perceived greater grip strength following the first and last massage sessions. By the end of the one-month period, the moderate pressure massage group had less pain, greater grip strength and greater range of motion in their wrist and large upper joints (elbows and shoulders

A study to determine whether massage significantly reduces anxiety, pain, and muscular tension and enhances relaxation compared with an equivalent rest period after cardiac surgery found that massage therapy significantly reduced the pain, anxiety, and muscular tension and improves relaxation and satisfaction after cardiac surgery. The study also assessed the feasibility of delivering the treatment, effects on heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate, and patient satisfaction.


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