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Deep Tissue  Massage  And Sports massage



Sports massage designed for

When vigorous exercise leaves your muscles feeling fatigued, stiff, and sore, sports massage therapy can help. Sports Massage stretches and lengthens shortened muscles and reduces spasm. The Massage improves circulation, which speeds up the removal of waste products that can make you sore and brings in oxygen and nutrients your muscles need to rejuvenate. By helping your muscles return to normal function, massage can help you resume activity sooner and enhance your performance. Regular sports massage is an important part of a training routine because chronic tension can impair performance and lead to injury.



Lajos Telek performs many sports massages on A.F.L. players, Martial Artists, and many other sporting people


Deep Tissue Massage


As the name might suggest, this style of massage can be deeply mobilizing. The Deep Tissue form of massage uses firm pressure and stretching to loosen areas of tightness, restoring flexibility and movement.


This style of massage works deep within the muscles to free areas of restriction and help correct posture. This style of massage is greatly beneficial for suffers from lower back pain or neck and shoulder tension.


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Massage is more than just word of massage is a cover wide range of medical issue. What is


massage and what role does it play in health care?

Massage is the practice of influencing soft tissue by physical, functional, and in some cases psychological purposes and goals by accredited professionals.


Complementary and alternative medicines are attracting more and more attention within the context of health care provision and health sector reform. The term alternative medicine, as used in the modern western world, encompasses any healing practice “that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine”. Complementary medicine generally refers to the same interventions when used in conjunction with mainstream techniques.


The question: What is massage can be contextualized within complementary and alternative medicines because it can be used either independently, or along with mainstream techniques.


What is massage therapy?

Massage or manual bodywork comes under the category of complementary or allied health in Australia. Massage professionals and professional areas belong to the ever-growing group of allied health professionals and their subspecialties.


Because their job descriptions become more specialized, massage therapists must adhere to national training and education standards, their professional scope of practice, and often prove their skills through diplomas, certified credentials, and continuing education. Members of the profession must be proficient in the use of many skills.


Your massage professional should be able to give you a comprehensive answer to the question of what is massage therapy and – more importantly – how it will benefit your particular needs.


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